Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ramblings 2-13-18 Conroe, Texas

              Up early since the guys met for breakfast at 7am.... well not early for me :-)  I'm sticking to my water before coffee though and no coffee before 6am.  Which I think will be good for me in the long run...  Focus is on water consumption these days!  I drank coffee while they ate and chatted and then they were off to the plant.

My sunrise photo:

not so much sun!

And I had the day stretched out in front of me!

I went upstairs and changed into my workout clothes and did a Walk at Home workout.  I purchased the app sometime ago - it runs about $5/month... and I haven't used it.  So this is month 3.. and I did!  I really like it for traveling - at least in the US!  Its a Leslie Sansone walking workout... one every day of the calendar - though you can choose any day you like.  Anyway - it's EASY... and you can ensure that you get your workout in!

Once that was done, I went back down to get my own breakfast.  AND decide about the quilt shop.  I do love visiting quilt shops - but I can save $100 by not going!  The weather was supposed to be rainy/ drizzly all day so going to the lake was probably not an option.  My husband left the rental car for me - which sounds so nice!

I wish that I were a comfortable driver!  But I did map out the route.  And I did get dressed to go.  And I did take the key... and find the car (I didn't remember what it was).. and I sat in the drivers seat and adjusted things.  I even turned it on and reviewed my directions.  But I could feel the adrenaline rising.

And I fussed at myself and reminded myself that I could so do this.  And then I decided to get out of the car and walk partway to see what kinds of roads they were.  And I made it about halfway until the sidewalks ran out.  At least I was getting steps in! 

I backtracked and started remembering how I often misconstrue road signs.  I tend to think opposite sometimes.  I took a side road and ended up at a Michaels.  Living where I do - a trip to Michaels with no time constraints is not even within my imagination - so it was a wonderful treat!  I picked up some drawing supplies to play in a medium I haven't tried in a long while..

Anyway... was back in the hotel eating my leftovers around 12:30.... and saw that I had missed a text from the hubs wanting to get me for lunch :-( 

Spent the afternoon working on valentine hexies and dreaming of pencil sketches... and how to schedule tomorrow...

Dinner was with the work colleagues... and back for a very quiet evening...

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ramblings 2-12-18

So today we left..... not too much chaos in the leaving..

just some funny stuff...

we ate a good breakfast - and got to the airport in plenty of time.  Enough to work on my hexies :-)

Our first flight took off at 12:40 - and in retrospect, we should have eaten around noon - or a little earlier just before we boarded.  But we weren't hungry - so we shopped - and I bought way too much food because I didn't know how long we would be flying.

I did know the first flight was about an hour and we would have to make a wild dash through the connecting airport to make flight #2.  And I really didn't know how long flight #2 was or when it took off.

My husband forgot to email me the info when I asked (and asked)  He patiently told me every time I asked - but didn't email me.   And I'm a visual - a reader.  I wish I retained what I hear but that is not how I am wired.... so I didn't know.

After the mad dash.... as we are standing in the line to board.. he told me to split the food.  WHAT???   He had told me several times we would have center seats across the aisle from each other.  So we weren't together.  In my head - we were across the aisle - so we were kind of together....     So I am kind of fuming there - still out of breath from our dash.... very hungry.... and stood there splitting the sandwiches, etc....   (I mean, why did we wait until now if he was going to be so insistent?)   And he is patiently explaining how he didn't want to reach across people.  (which I clearly didn't understand - but I just got the job done)

And... in the plane... I got it.  The row had 3 seats on each side.... and we were each in the center seat of each side.  Goodness me!  If I had understood!

I recount this story because this is my life.  For some reason, he and I routinely use the same language to convey completely different thoughts.  And I do mean routinely.  Daily... and some days are worse than others....

These trips leave me lots of time to think about the way we each think and communicate.  And I get a greater appreciation for each of us and how we remain together.   And happy.

The rest of the day was relatively uneventful.... successful flight though I was squashed in between 2 large men...  I did finish a novel I had borrowed electronically from my library... something I really enjoy for trips!

Arrived, got the rental car.... made it to the hotel just fine.... we did make one small tactical error though.  Went to a chain restaurant across the street - and got one of those 2-meal deals that included a margarita and a dessert.  The food was great!  BUT we aren't used to dessert.... and the drink didn't sit well with everything else.  I was glad to keep half my meal for tomorrow.. but both of us were pretty uncomfortable the rest of the evening!