Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Minecraft Quilting Weeks 1-4

Kelli Fannin 2016 Quilt Along

I'm late to the party - but I have only just heard of Minecraft.  I'm not much of a gamer but one of my grand-families is obsessed with Minecraft.  I found this quilt along in the archives and I'm doing Kelli's Harry Potter quilt along so it seemed natural to kit up a few weeks worth at a time and do one block a week when I do the HP ones!

All scrap basket blocks so far except for skin tones - (but I'm buying that for the Harry projects anyway)

1. Steve (renamed Stefano due to a nasty EX)

2. Creeper

3  Skeleton

4. Alex

Minecraft Crochet Catching Up

Rainy Day Design

This is my first Minecraft project - a lovely quilt along by Rainy Day Designs that I converted to crochet.  It is 16 squares and will be gi-normous!  I am finding it quite easy to work with a pixel graphic and turn it into granny squares!

This photo gives you an idea how big this thing will be - on my queen sized bed.

An example of one block

...and this is where we are today!  7 of 16 blocks done :-)