Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Don't Want to be Thin

... I want to be happy.

Sometimes I think we forget what we are REALLY after...

Yes, I know there are health conditions... yes, I know that obesity is at an all-time high.... so there are very good reasons to LEARN how to build a life at a normal weight....

But I think for many of us... seeking happiness in a number on the scale is a focus in the wrong direction.

Because.... whatever you goal weight is..... if you don't CHANGE YOUR LIFE.... reaching that number.... all that hard work.... will be for nothing.

Spend a little time today dreaming about what you REALLY want.  What will that magic number bring you?  Smaller clothes?  Comfortable movement?  Love?

How will that scale number get you there?  Are you giving the scale number too much power? 

What will you actually DO when you reach that magic number that will get you to your real goal?  Can you do any of that now?

Can you buy new clothes now?  Why not?

Can you take a walk?

Can you reach out to other people?

Trust me, I am the last person in the world to tell anyone NOT to drop a few pounds.... but I want you to do it healthily and successfully.  If you dramatically drop them without thinking about your endgame.... you will most likely re-gain them.

Find your WHY.

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  1. AWESOME.....it is amazing how easy it is to forget our real goals in this quest to reach a number on the scales. I was thinking along these lines watching the Biggest Loser last night. Thanks for giving me a chance to remeber my 'Why'...:)