Sunday, June 30, 2013

Quilt Stories - Scottie Dog Rag Quilt 2013

Well..... I have made a rag quilt for one granddaughter

so you know what that means....

another granddaughter.. another rag quilt...

This one particularly loves dogs...

and I found a piece of flannel in my stash that I had bought for her MOTHER when SHE was a child... scottie dogs.  My original plan was to make pajamas when her mom was 10...

and, as often is the case, that didn't exactly happen

but it was perfect for this project.  I found some fabric with hearts made out of paw prints in black and red - and selected solids which matched the little bows on the dogs.

And there you go.... 

If you ever dreamed about making a quilt - a rag quilt is a great place to start. 

Email me!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Reasons? Excuses!

hmmm..... WHY can't I do the things that are good for me?

I don't feel like it

I DESERVE (to take it easy)
                   (the cake - pie - cookie - ice cream)

I'm too busy (to work out)
                    (to cut vegetables - plan meals)

I can't do it right

I look stupid

I can't afford it (gym membership)
                           (organic food)

SHE doesn't have to do it (exercise) or SHE gets to eat it (food)

I don't know how it will turn out

Who SAYS I have to do it?

The truth is:

If my kid gave me any of these as reasons

or if I applied them to something the world called valuable (work, service, etc)

I would label these as EXCUSES

Because they are.