Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quilt Stories - Bluebird of Happiness 2014

On one of the fabrics are little bluebirds... that I fussy cut for centers of some of the blocks

The fabrics chosen are a breast cancer line.... I had bought them in 2008 to make a second sampler because I enjoyed the class so much.

The colors were all pastels and made me sing!

But I got bogged down in finishing my first sampler quilt - and just didn't get back to the shop for advice and help.

So when I ran across Michele at the Quilting Gallery, she was offering her Aiming for Accuracy Quilt Along (2013).  I decided to use these fabrics and run with it!

Run with it, I did!  Michele's designs are wonderful and her explanations clear.  I had a blast and learned a TON about piecing. [She has since done more quilt-alongs and has a lot of good stuff on her site.... I can share more when I finish things!]

Just look at all those beautiful POINTS!  Yeah - I'm proud of this one :-)  Thank you, Michele!

Machine pieced, and quilted  in the ditch..

Yep - a definite favorite :-)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Just One Thing.... not a resolution

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I am having a hard time with my mojo - or lack of it!  It is taking longer than usual to get back in the game... but I decided a long time ago to keep HOPE in my life.  Without HOPE, this is a lonely journey!  And some things in life - you decide.

like happiness
like cynicism
like hope

Bad things happen to everyone.  And, actually, I do okay with bad things.  bad things allow me to pull myself up and overcome.  i get to put on my superhero cape and rise above.

But good things - while nice - allow me to become complacent.

And dull.... day to day... is deadly to my spirit.

So I have to keep faith in tomorrow and I need to build my own spirit.

In that vein, I propose to live intentionally in 2014.  I propose to move forward in my life with whatever grace and light I can muster.  Which means - I must have a plan!

It cannot be lengthy and involved.. I don't have the energy for that.
It cannot depend on others.... I don't have the faith for that.
It cannot be rigid or too difficult of a change....  I don't have whatever that requires :-)

So - like the healthy habits I tried to create a few years ago, I decided that no matter how I feel on any given day or how busy I am, I can ALWAYS do "just one thing".  The JUST ONE THING motto for the year was born...

I chose a few areas - maybe too many - we will see as time goes on.... but a few areas that are important to me and I want to move forward in.  The final vision requires more from me than I have to give...


I can do that.

The areas??

Just 1 thing to simplify my life - bring my life toward focus

Just 1 thing to increase healthy movement

Just 1 thing to increase healthy eating

Just 1 thing to improve my finances

Just 1 thing to connect to others


Just 1 thing to make me smile

Can I do JUST 1 THING in each area each day?

Can you?

the adventure begins.....  2014