Sunday, January 9, 2011

Milestones for the 2011 Journey

             Resolutions 2011

1.      Weight, weight, weight!  Maintain loss and lose a little more.  Tighten and tone…. Develop a daily regimen to stay fit for life!  Learn to eat like a thin healthy person.

2. Send birthday cards to friends and family / also be prepared with sympathy and congratulations cards

3. Read a minimum of a book a week for the year

4. Crochet for charity – and use my crocheted items as gifts when possible
5. Get back to quilting my own projects and mending the quilts my MIL made for us

6. Spiritual reading – I am considering reading the Bible through again.  

7.                Organize, unclutter, streamline, purge!  A continuing journey to simplify my life both of material possessions and of time commitments.
8.                Photo project – I plan to locate, sort and organize family photos.  There are boxes of them that need to be put in albums.  Eventually I would like to scan and digitalize them

9.                 Continue debt reduction journey.  I made significant headway in 2010… I want to end 2011 with only a mortgage, triple my savings, continue to tithe and some improvements to house and property 

10.            Walk Breast Cancer 3Day again - time #4 for a total of 240 miles to fight breast cancer..   2011 is the Cleveland location

11.            Train for and do several races this year.  

            12.   Continue dancing!

How to Begin

Gentle readers,
   Please bear with me as I begin this new journey of blogging.    I am not sure that I even have words that will have significance to anyone.  But I keep thinking.... I have lived more than half a century and my life has evolved over the years from a cacophony directed by others to a symphony directed by me.  That is itself is worth something.

  So... who am I?   I describe myself as 'just a mom'..... because that is who I am.  My primary focus in life is and always has been my children.    Even before I had any, I was preparing.... and now, as the last ones develop their wings and prepare to fly on their own, I continue to forge this journey through life for them.  What I do now teaches them about their futures.  So that is me... Justa Mom.. and all that this title implies.

     That said, I am poised at a place in my life that is self-focused.  3 of my brood of 5 are happily settled in the adult lives... and the last 2 are teenagers.... on their way and very focused on their own lives.  There are many things I want to share.. and I will begin in my next post with my resolutions for 2011.  Perhaps that journey will be a challenge!

    I am not sure where this journey will lead me but perhaps if you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with me, you will find, as I know I will, that your life is enriched by sharing.

Kay :-)