Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Do you ever have times when life just takes over?

I mean that things just get busy..... not bad.... maybe a bit confusing.... but just busy.  Times when the word goal means to simply get up, move through your day.... and get back to bed... only to get up and start over again.

That is where I am right now.

I still have my goals in mind... and try to take a stab at these things during the day... but really  - I am lucky to survive.  I am always doing something but I am lost without my lists.... but can't seem to put my brain to it.

I am hoping that the spring and beautiful weather will help me focus!  Of course, it brings more chores in the yard and property.... and, hopefully, opportunities to participate in community yard sales (so I can continue my downsizing journey).. but I do need to take a few minutes somewhere in here to evaluate where I am!

An informal quick assessment has me feeling blessed and grateful!  BECAUSE I have a few goals and habits.... I haven't LOST ground during my confused period :-)  I am still doing a bit of sorting... still working on my crochet projects.... still reading... still baking a bit.... still scanning photos now and again... still sending birthday cards (though sometimes late!)   At least I feel like I have a direction - even if motivation is a bit lacking at the moment.

There are always differing ways to look at things.... I COULD beat myself up for losing focus and NOT accomplishing what I laid out for myself.  OR (which is MY choice).... I can be grateful that I SET goals so that my feet are still following in the direction I chose.... even if it is just one step at a time.  They are firm steps.... albeit slow ones.... still leading me where I choose to go!

So.. the journey continues....  I hope to get back to regular writing as I have things to share and time to share them.  Please bear with me as I maneuver my way along the journey figuring out my next steps :-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Healthy Habit 14 - Happiness Journal

Okay - I have been working on health and there are a lot of things I haven't really talked about - like water.... and chemicals.... and so on...

For this month though - I'd like to focus on my mind!

I have been so befuddled for months.... in a really BLAH space.... not exactly unhappy - but not happy either....  no energy.... not very positive.  The healthy habit idea was one to help pull me out of my slump - something to hang on to so that I would feel like I was making progress without stressing me unduly.  And it has worked....  A few weeks ago, I added fruit and vegetable smoothies to my arsenal of tricks and WOW!  I don't know if that was it - or my beach vacation - or if the cumulative effect of my new habits finally kicked in - but I do feel more energetic and am ready to do a little more.

I have decided to hire a virtual personal trainer.  I live far away from any gym or regular fitness opportunity - and discovered a new online club that will start next week.  It's not very expensive but I'm not advertising it :-)  I've done several things this year that have helped with the mental journey to better health - you've read about them:  specifically Hannah Keeley's Thrive in Five program ( - which I HIGHLY recommend to help you start the journey to better living.. and the Coach Yourself Thin book and webinar series by the gurus at - Greg Hottinger and Michael Scholtz.  Also pretty awesome - the webinar series was approximately $14/week for a 10 week series - but included personal coaching and, again, focused on the mental journey.  And, as someone who has gained and lost... and gained and lost.... I am prepared to come to terms - and PEACE - with my health and body this year!  Anyway - I finally feel like I have enough energy to face some daily motivation and pushing to get moving a little more - so am pleased to have found a solution that will work for me!

One more possibility that is free - is from Michele Connelly - the Get Organized Wizard.  She has an April Weight-Loss-a-thon... go to www.  for 30 daily missions that may help make it FUN to re-gain your focus :-)

But - for the mind!

A Happiness journal... not gratitude, per se.  I like the idea of a gratitude journal and have used it once before to pull me out of a deep depression.  It is a good tool.  But I AM grateful.... this time I want to smile.  I think that since many of the things that make me smile are family memories, my new journal will be a great thing to pass on to the family.... (unlike many of my GRIPING journals that I plan to BURN later this month :-).  So - things that make me smile.... memories, jokes, quotes, maybe even photos that I can print out and put in my book.  Not inspirational - FUNNY!

That is this week's habit - to begin work on my happiness journal.

And I don't even have to go buy a journal.... like many of you, I have a weakness for empty books and stationery and other goodies I haven't been able to use yet because I don't have the 'perfect' reason to mess up the pages.. LOL!!  Actually I even started a pencil / paper journal this year but couldn't keep it up.... I think I will use that one since it is already 'not perfect' and will make me smile!

So - how about you?  Want to join me and create a Happy-making masterpiece?