Friday, July 29, 2011

I Can't Do That!

How often do you say that?

Do you mean it?

I mean... WHY can't you do things?

Are you too old?  Too thin or fat?  Too many children or responsibilities?

Do you not know how to do something?  Is that why you CAN'T?

Do you think people will laugh or think badly of you?

I'd like to suggest that perhaps

You've simply decided

that you CAN'T.

As I get older, it seems easier to sit back

and allow others their opportunities.

It seems easier to sit back and bemoan the FACT (?)

that I CAN'T do whatever it is.

The REAL fact is..... that it only SEEMS easier.

Because while I am busy


I am miserable.

I am depressed.

I don't understand why I'm so tired.... when I am not doing anything extra to make it so.

I feel OLD.

So.... it's not really easier to CAN'T, is it?


Just once

I will silence the internal nay-sayers

and get UP and say

just once

Okay.... I CAN figure this out....

I CAN find a way....

I CAN try :-)

What I CAN'T do is live a life where I myself have stunted my own development and blamed it on others.  What I CAN'T do is limit my own life because of fear or laziness.   What I CAN'T do is settle.... close my own life to new hopes and possibilities.

I want to live a life of CANS....... not a life of CAN'Ts...


  1. Good post. I've found that getting older has given me more confidence to do things.

  2. thank you for commenting! I agree with you but I also find that my confidence sometimes leads to complacancy... and I start NOT trying new experiences. I get lazy... and comfortable... and I miss a lot when I do that.

    Kay :-)