Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Summer Reading 7 Aug 4, 2014

I have 3 treasures for you this week - I enjoyed each one!

The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill

Oh my goodness!  The layers in this book!  I started this book thinking it was a history about a woman who studied the stars.  And it is.  I learned a LOT about astronomy.  But the story evolves into an historical (and perhaps current?) treatise on..... women's studies, race relations, religion..... all while charting one woman's personal growth.    A great book that tantalizes the mind!  I would definitely read it again!  And am searching for other books by this author..

100 Things by Dave Bruno -

    The unusual story of a man who decided to live for a year with only 100 personal items.  Sound like a lot?  Look at YOUR stuff!  The book is chock full of his adventures getting rid of his personal possessions (it took a whole YEAR BEFORE the experiment!) and the lessons he learned along the way.

  My biggest take away is the lessons about who I am.  I see myself as a DO-er, not as a collector.  I am a crafter - a crocheter and quilter, which means I have a LOT of yarn and fabric.  This book has given me the words I need to help me with the purchase of new supplies.  I mean - I have already gotten to the point of mostly buying on sale.  And I mostly buy for specific projects. 

But now I have added the thought that I am a QUILTER, not a FABRIC COLLECTOR.  And that helps a lot.  My brain is FULL of projects... I want to MAKE them - not just dream about and purchase FOR them.  So - a new way of thinking will help me grow.

China Dolls by Lisa See

    This is a fun read about three Asian women in San Francisco.... during the World War 2 era.   Their friendship and adventures set in the entertainment industry are fascinating - yet a timeless recounting of the evolution and growth of relationships.  Not a light read - I really enjoyed it!

So - what are YOU reading?  Anything good to share?

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