Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekly Goals 9/52

Wow - this is my 300th published post :-)  Happy Monday!

So last week's goals didn't go very far!  Between my husband dislocating his knee and a first overnight visit from my almost 2-year old granddaughter... the week kind of went in the toilet!  Do you have those weeks?  I felt like I was fighting fires all week long.  I KNOW I was in the car all week long!

That said - healthy habits are still in place... I slowed down on crocheting but made good headway in my planning stage of the downsize project.   Goals and my magnificent organizing notebook went out the window... and it was a matter of day by day doing what needed to be done....  and when that happens, well.. we move through our lives but it will be a catch-up day today!  I have grand hopes that by using the 15-minute process, I can make some headway and get back on track.

On a good note - my husband is going to heal well, albeit slowly.  We had a blessed visit with our granddaughter and the house itself is fairly neat (due to her visit :-).  I lost another pound & an inch & a half.... bringing the total to 6 pounds and 7 inches since the first of the year... thanks to the coaching from the Thrive in Five program by Hannah Keeley ( AND the Novo Wellness team Greg Hottinger and Michael Scholtz with Coach Yourself Thin.. ( )  This is a MAJOR SCORE since I have not yet been able to talk myself into either following a food plan OR doing a dvd yet this year.  I AM doing little things daily and THAT is making a difference.  Goal weight?  I will see where my healthy life takes me... first goal.. was to STOP the weight climb which had me popping out of the larger clothes I bought last fall.  CHECK!  Next goal is for them to become loose enough that I can wear last year's summer clothes!

Anyway - onward and upward to the week ahead!

1. Left from Last Week (do first!)
               Add quilt strip to quilt and prepare for hand quilting


2. House focus – Master Bedroom / Bath 15 minutes daily

3.  New healthy habit: Daily Strength - phase 1 Lower body

4. Begin Lenten Project Downsize
             A) inventory pantry & freezer for menu prep
             B) start listing books on
             C) Begin identifying & sorting items for sale

5.  Do dvd or Treadmill cardio 3 X

6.  Birthday cards: personal and church

7.  Work on tax info gathering

8. Blogs:  Schedule Children’s Liturgy posts for Lent
                  Send notes to new contacts from writers’ group meeting
                  Continue Lenten Reflections
                  Catch up on Journey

            Scan photos (30 min weekly)
            BAKE new bread / crochet dishcloths
            Crochet projects
Weekly Movie night
            Desk 15 min daily – financial & personal
            Health habits: mile / green tea / salad / fruit / pedometer / outdoors/fish  oil

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