Thursday, May 21, 2015

29 Gifts...... Day 21.... Keeping my mouth shut

I never realized how hard it would be

to wake up every day knowing you are going to give and putting a name to that gift.

So much giving comes naturally to me, I thought.

But some days I do not feel inspired

Some days I am drained




and hiding inside myself.

Last night I received some criticism about my parenting style.

From one of my kids.

I don't mind the criticism exactly but the hypocrisy bugs me a lot.

And I don't care for dealing with judgmental people...

even if they are my own :-)

I am glad that life is so black and white for them.  It will not always be so - especially as they deal with their children :-)

But at any rate

I am not feeling like giving.

It is hard to think of something to give when you are healing your own wounds.

So my gift is my silence.   I will not engage.

 I will not defend my actions.  Because I have thought them through and made my own choices.  Because I can.

Time will be my ally

I will heal.

My critic will continue to age and learn.

And life will go on.

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