Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Angry people

The atmosphere swirling around me..

around the American public

is so unnerving.

I feel the anger and upset

as one friend pits him or herself against another.

People are HATING each other

over government rulings.

Government rulings do sort themselves out over time.

Why must we get so angry?

The Hobby Lobby ruling is deceptive.

Most people say it is about birth control.

But that is surface.

It's about employee control.  It says that I have the right to enforce my religious views on my employees.  Even if I am not a religious organization.  Tricky.  But again, government rulings will sort themselves out.  Nuisance (and legitimate) suits will clog the system as we feed the bureaucratic nightmare we have created.

Illegal immigrants.  Another tricky issue.  Can we even get the media picture of wealthy citizens stopping a busload of alien women and children out of our minds?

There are so many sides to this issue - it is simplistic to either define it as that busload of innocents OR the legitimization of teen gang members.  And it is untrue.

So while it is true that I have a definite liberal personal bias

and I am passionate about truth and justice

I decline to discuss, argue, whatever.. because I do not feel a moral imperative to enlighten or convert you :-) [nor am I inclined to spend my energies slinging mud]

I deplore the loss of civility in our world. 

When did it happen that we MUST bring a tempest into our personal tea party?

Tell me WHY we can't have opposing views and still enjoy a cup of tea together.


  1. WELL SAID! .. and more importantly, would you like green or orange pekoe? :)))

    1. thank you - umm.. chamomile for me, thanks!