Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 years from now...

Do you ever think about it??

Not just "what I would like to HAVE 5 years from now"....    but, really..... what will my life look like?

Do I want to be healthy?   What does that look like?  How do I see myself going through my day, moving my body and choosing food?  What are the 'automatic' choices that I see myself making?

Do I want to be solvent?   What does that look like?  How will I make spending choices?  How much will I have in my savings account? 

Do I want to live in the house I am currently living in?  How does that house look?  Are the things that are bothering me NOW still there?

Who will I be living with?  What does our life look like?

I know, I know..... I am married.... of course I will be living with my husband!   Or will I?  That is also a choice..... and a result of the things I do (or don't do) every day.

If I don't make my desires REAL... they won't happen.  Spending my money the way I have spent it for the last 20 years will keep me in the financial position I am in right now.

Doing the daily things I have done for the 20 years.... will keep me in a position where my health and weight are a daily concern.

Me?  I do not plan to be held hostage by food or finances in the future.  And 5 years is long enough to accomplish what needs to happen to make my life look more the way I want it to.

My point here is.... that if I want certain things to be in my future, I need to make small daily changes that will get me there... and if I can DREAM concretely.. (How WILL I be spending my day in my dream life?).. then some of my daily habits will begin to build themselves.

My life will change while I change myself.

Will my life look like I plan it to?  Of course not... one of the few things you can count on in life is CHANGE!  But I will be better prepared to meet what life throws at me.   Including success :-)

Because another thing I can count on in life is ME!


  1. Love this one, Kay! Great things to reflect on and really consider. I appreciate you, my friend!

  2. Thanks Kay for another thought provoking blog...I seem to have lots of things to consider...
    What WILL my life look like in 5 years???