Thursday, December 1, 2011

Crochet post! Dishcloth Challenge #127 through 134

       I crocheted these a couple of months ago - but will begin to share them again....  the notes are sparse but the pics are cute!  All patterns are from and are free right now..... but all will be removed from the site by February 2012!

#127 - Where Do I Plug It In?  Crochet Dishcloth - pictured on the bottom left of the photo below - Cute Idea!  Easy pattern, it's simple double crochet with a double crochet edging - the plug is what makes it adorable!

#128 - It's a John Deere, Dear  Crochet Dishcloth - below on the right
  Good instructions, fairly easy to do...Loved the tire texture on the black round.. adds interesting feel that should scrub well

#129 Diagonal Blocks Crochet Dishcloth  - pictured above left - Interesting pattern but the salt & pepper yarn left my hands black!  I will not use that particular yarn again - though I might do the pattern!

#130 Lady Bug Crochet Dishcloth - adorable - and fairly easy to do

The next four cloths listed go with the photo below!

#131 - Americana Crochet Dishcloth - pictured on the bottom left - turned out really pretty  - will make a nice gift for my neighbor who hosts a July 4 party every year.

#132 - Salt & Pepper Crochet Dishcloth - pictured in the upper right hand corner - it is a lacy simple stitch - It was supposed to be that black & white yarn I used before but I used a different color in honor of the autumn colors.  Also because I didn't want to get that mess on my hands again

#133  Red Hat Happy Hooker Crochet Dishcloth - cute, Cute, CUTE!  simple pattern with a pretty flower to stitch on.  I'm not sure how well it will do as a DISHCLOTH... but it is really adorable

#134 - A Cactus Called Yuma Crochet Dishcloth - fun to do... sewing the little pink flowers on was a little annoying but the snake was cute.  Not sure how it will be washing dishes but it is a cute fabric creation.  Might be fun as a child's washcloth...

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