Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Starting over, sort of

It's been several months since I wrote in this blog.   Not because I haven't thought about my readers.... Not because I haven't wanted to write..... More because I have had trouble prioritizing my writing.  Somehow, I struggle making time for things that don't seem 'useful' for the rest of the family.... which is dumb since they need me less and less.  More and more, it is time for me to strike out on my own and make a mark in the world - whatever that means.  I am excited about setting goals for 2012!

I have kept crocheting and will share the dishcloths again soon.   I did surpass my goal for crocheted lovies for Operation Christmas Child, but in so doing, kind of lost my energy and zeal for the project :-(  Somehow, when it becomes about the numbers, it loses the personal HEART touch..... because the numbers will never be great enough.  The 250+ little blankie squares I crocheted... well, that is a massive number.... but while I know that there are 250 families that I have prayed for.... I don't FEEL the way I do when I prepare ONE box.   So I learned.  Next year I will do something different.

I missed my goals for hats & scarves and prayer shawls - so I will do those in 2012.  I have made several things to give to people.. and of course - made several treasures for the grand girls!

In 2012, I plan to make some crocheted things to sell.  I have had quite a few people ask to buy hats and afghans so I will get some items on the hooks and see if they mean it!

I have kept up with the cards this year.  A few bumps in the road... cards returned because people moved... one card returned for extra postage...  but it's almost December and I will be able to say I DID IT!!!   I am all set to do even better next year because sending cards - touching base with people I care for - brings me pleasure.    It also looks like my church will begin a card ministry and I will LOVE helping with that :-)  Not head it up, mind you... but help!

I am finding in some areas of my life (most clearly church and home) I am being led to facilitate others' leading and accomplishments..... and somehow, somewhere, I am being led to LEAD and shine in my own right... just not quite sure where that is yet :-)

BREAD!  I have had a LOT of fun with that piece of my blog and will continue with it.  As a matter of fact, quite a few folks on my list will be getting Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day so they can bake their own!

I did the Breast Cancer 3Day Walk in Washington DC this year... and I did a half marathon in April.  I'm not sure where I will go from here as far as actual races are concerned - but I have already signed up for the 3Day in Atlanta so there is more fundraising and training to do in 2012!

Scanning photos - I did well for several months and have taken a break.  I still have a lot to do but I can begin again next year.

Organizing and decluttering the house... well.... can I claim progress.... although not perfection?  I have done a lot... I have gotten rid of a lot... and I am working on a plan for next year to continue the process and begin refinishing furniture and renovating the kitchen.  I will be doing most of it myself but am excited just thinking about the projects! 

Financially, I feel like I have made a lot of progress.  Our income is 3/4 what it was a few years ago and we have had another successful CASH year.  It is tight - and we've reduced many of our expenditures.  I've learned to cook more (which helps our most fluid expenditure - FOOD).  We still work on tithing - 5% to our church and 5% to the world.... and feel blessed to have just about figured out how to manage that!  Not much progress paying down the credit but I feel great having held our own!

hmm... off the top of my head... what's next?   I wanted to reach and maintain a healthy weight.  I haven't done that... as a matter of fact, I have gained a few pounds.   That said, this health stuff is a process.. and I've made progress.  I have found a dvd weight training program that I like to do.  I did a month out of 90 days and got whiplash tangling with a deer one night.  I haven't exercised since.... okay - now I don't have reasons - by this time, I only have excuses and need to simply MAKE MYSELF DO IT!  I'll get there....  this last week, I have been walking the dog farther and am beginning to feel like being active again.

Eating healthily - ie NOT binging - is still an issue... I did great over Thanksgiving but the leftovers..... ayiyiyiyi!  This incessant need to fill myself up is something I need to figure out - but regardless, I am on the journey and will get there!

So, there we are at the moment.... not a full evaluation - but a bit of ruminating!  I am starting over with daily writing in this blog, not my 2011 goals.  I haven't let too much go :-)  I DID write a little bit for the past month and it is published over at sparkpeople.  Let me know if you want to read it - it's pretty boring actually and deals more with exercise / weight loss struggle than anything else.  I noticed though in my last few entries that I was beginning to talk about other things though - and figured it was time to get back over here!

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