Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crochet (and quilt) Post # 311-314 & 315-318

Okay - so I am behind in sharing handwork with you but I guess it allows me time to photograph and write a little bit about finished items!  As you probably recall, I have had a lot of fun working with the tutorials from www.diaryofaquilter.com.  Today I am sharing a second table runner 

I showed it to you already previously but wanted you to see that it is actually finished (and was finished in time to use in September :-)

and a skirt:

The skirt makes me feel a little bit like a cross between a hippie (which I have been) and Mrs. Weasley (of Harry Potter fame)  But either way, it makes me smile - so it works for me.  I have yet to wear it in public but I do wear it around the house some!

It's also fun simply because I did not pay enough attention to the tutorial - the tutorial was for a GIRL'S skirt and called for 6 fabrics (10 panels).  In my infatuation with the process, I read 10 FABRICS... which ultimately worked FOR me.  As written, the skirt would have been way too short - so, doing it my way, I had enough fabric to make 2 tiers of rectangles and an extra set so that it goes around my waist too :-)  A quick, FUN project....  I look forward to making skirts for my little girls!

...and on to this week's dishcloths!

# 311 Flower in  Circle Dishcloth - So, so pretty!  This one made me smile while I made it... not to mention it uses just a teeny bit of the center 3 colors..... so the pleasure that I personally get in creating something out of the last bits is HUGE!  This is another of the easy-to-make, beautiful results cloths that I enjoy!

#312  Pansy Parade - pictured below on the upper right.  This is an easy attractive pattern that would show up better in a solid color yarn.  The rectangular shape is a nice change though not a fave of mine.  I have mixed feelings about the edging - I like the effects of the reverse single crochet but I don't like actually doing it.  Glad it was a small project!

#313 Golden Triangle  - Boy I was glad when this was finished!!  Perfect for someone who enjoys working with crochet thread, this is a very pretty triangle.  And, that is pretty much the best thing I can say :-)  I decided to use some metallic thread I had in my stash.. and it is definitely a pretty triangle but I am not at all sure what I will be able to do with it. It has the texture of a scrubby so it may be more useful than I anticipate.... NOT something I will do again though I WILL pull it out at Thanksgiving and use it for the holiday season and see how it goes :-)

#314  Tractor "John Deere" Dishcloth.  I bet you can guess which one this is in the photo above!   CUTE! and easy.... perfect for a John Deere lover (not me :-) - but I can totally see me pulling this out for a grandchild's bath!  I would do it again upon request or if I saw a need..

The following 4 dishcloths are pictured below:

#315 Black Tie Dishcloth - pictured at the bottom of the photo.  Easy and cute - certainly would make a fun gift!  I am not sure but what the cinch in the middle cuts down on its effectiveness as a dishcloth - but maybe not.  Definitely fun :-)  Probably not a repeat for me - unless a certain granddaughter needs a PINK one...

#316  Red Radiance Dishcloth - pictured below on the right side.  This one is unique and striking.  Not quite s simple as many of the others but not too difficult either.  I enjoy how elegant it looks!

#317 Red Roof Birdhouse Dishcloth - the opposite of elegant, this one is cute :-)  I'm afraid it looks a little more like a cyclops triangle so I might be tempted to add a bird or try different color combos... but it qualifies as easy to make and might be fun for a bird lover's gift basket!

#318 Red Anemone Dishcloth - pictured at the top of the above photo.  Pretty, pretty, pretty!  Definitely a repeat for me.. I can envision this in lots of different color combinations!

All of these dishcloth patterns are available free at Maggie Weldon's site
www.bestfreecrochet.com  in the November 2011 archives.

What are you working on this week?

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