Wednesday, October 31, 2012

21 Days Self-Discipline Challenge


What a bonus to cross my radar right now!

Is this a little nudge from above??

I have spent the last few days trying to re-group... to recap what I've accomplished from my January resolutions.... and to get myself prepared to move forward for the next 2 months.

And now an opportunity to have a tool to move forward WITH!

And then the little voice in my head says... oh no, Kay.... not ANOTHER quick-fix program?  Here you go again... full steam ahead into... what?

Seriously... I will fight back against that voice... it doesn't matter HOW I do it.. what is important is that I am not stalled any more... that I DO move forward..

and I will do it here... because that is a way for me to be accountable.

If you want to read about the mundane business of my life and how I start moving again... well, okay... come aboard!

If you aren't interested... don't read it :-)  Maybe you have all your stuff together...   me?  Having been blocked and floating for most of the year, the thought of the upcoming holidays is freaking me out - so any port in a storm, hey?

at a minimum... the first thing we are asked to do is think of a largish project that has been hanging around that we can work on and finish...

I've thought of a few:

The photo scanning project
Snapfish albums of my 3Day Walks
Finish (gulp!) the infamous quilt

hmmm... will keep thinking... there is a lot of declutter possibility but I do need to be rational about all of this :-)

I am a day behind but will be back tomorrow with my decisions and thoughts on the process of becoming disciplined.... oh my...

for more info and your own opportunity (will you join me?  really?)   go to

2 other cool bloggers are joining in.... I will commit to blogging every day - a day behind is still in the game...

see you tomorrow!

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