Saturday, November 22, 2014

Quilt Stories - Sisters' Choice 2014

This is one of my strangest quilt stories..... and a cautionary tale.  When the universe tells you to do something... do it!

I have one sister.. and we have been estranged for many years.  The reasons are irrelevant now... but there was no sharing

no talking

no sisterhood

for a very long time.

And early that summer, I felt led to make a quilt for my sister.  And I found a block, Sister's Choice.  I decided this was MY choice.  For my sister.

And her favorite color - from my memory - was orange.  I chose the bright zinnia print from my stash.. and bought 2 shades of orange and a yellow to coordinate.

And I did the math to UPsize the blocks....  4 blocks made a generous lap quilt to cover her knees.

My plan was to make it and give it to her on her December birthday.

I had it together and ready for quilting by early November.... and found out, by accident, that she had lost consciousness and was in a hospital several states away.  Her daughter was with her and had been for a week already.

I quickly finished that quilt doing the final handwork in the car as my husband drove me there.

My sister died just before Thanksgiving - having never regained consciousness.  I can't really express how I feel about all this - but I will be glad forever that I followed that little spark that told me to make her a quilt.

I don't have a final photo... I sent it home with my niece.  My hope is that the quilt is a symbol of love across a divide... somehow.

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