Thursday, March 2, 2017

February Preserving Recap

So.....  a recap - most of the recipes are available on prior posts or a simple Google.  Most are from The website

February's Preserving :-)

Salt Preserved Meyer Lemons
Salt Preserved Limes
Salt Preserved organic Key Limes
Salt Preserved Grapefruit with Peppercorns and Cloves

**  I've started using the limes pretty regularly with my avocado and the simple baked chicken with the lemons was pretty awesome!  I found a Cambodian chicken soup with salted limes that I want to try - and the Vietnamese salted lemonade - Chang Moui - is also good.  Though I will probably LOVE it better in the summer!

* a side note I picked up from research... salted citrus is used often in Asian & African cooking... I found quite a lot of articles and recipes from Morocco, India, Viet Nam, Cambodia.... that really helped me a lot to envision what to do next.  I still have 4.5 pints of assorted salted citrus in my fridge to deal with..

Celery Salt
Basil Salt
Parsley, Scallion, Garlic Salt
Toasted Parsley, Scallion, Garlic Salt  (this one actually I scorched a little but it only changed color - not taste - so renamed!)
Habanero Salt

*** My general takeaway here is that these are too salty for me.  Yes, yes, I know - they are SALT!  But I never realized how little I use salt any more.  So I have enough to last a long time - and to share as gifts.  Also - I know I will use them on very low salt items like potatoes or refried beans - they will be perfect!

I DID love learning about drying the herbs with just a hint of salt [or not].  I can tell you I am READY for when the summer basil and mints come in.

New habits?
   Zesting and drying citrus.  I did not make the citrus salt because at this moment, one more salt would be terrible overkill even for me!

BUT - No more tossing good zest out!  I don't use it often but have you priced that stuff?  This is nuts when I have it right here most days for 5 minutes of work. 

I also want to tried some candied peel.... but it's a LOT of sugar so we will see!

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