Thursday, June 16, 2011, 90 Days to Better Health

Like most of you, I have grand plans.....

   and then life happens.....

..and then the next day....

..and so on...

until I allow the grand plans fall apart.

Last year, about this time, I went on a strict eating & exercise plan & lost 20 pounds.... got so lethargic and unhappy that I ended up going to a doctor (nothing wrong!) and then a naturopath...   I learned a LOT about eating clean... and that I need more meat (I already KNEW I need fewer carbs!)  I am not sure about the whole meat/grain thing even yet.... BUT I know that I am healthier AND FATTER!


So I set up a FB group to work with a few friends and try to slim down / tone up before my dance recital..... not a smart move!  If anything sets me to emotional eating, it's thinking about how I NEED to lose weight for an 'occasion'   Just thinking about how I WISH I was thinner for a specific occasion makes me freak out... and grab the nearest loose food item!  It doesn't make sense - worry about how you ar going to look in a leotard.... and then go eat something unhealthy!  Crazy backwards sabotage.... but I don't think I'm the only out there with this terrible response!

60 Days later, dance recital past... I am at least 5 pounds heavier with a floofy tummy to go with it.  At this stage of the game, most of my excess is attached firmly (loosely?) to my mid-section!

I'm not the only one..... my group has begged for a 90 Day Challenge to carry them through the summer.  It's no problem changing the name of the group.... but we need to succeed.... heck I need to succeed!

Exercise is planned.... nothing major.. just walking and upper body stuff.. that's enough.  Food is my main issue!

So I try again.... but I don't want to log food.  I mean, I really don't.   I want to "just eat like a normal person".  But I need to be careful... I mean, what is normal anyway?   Normal is average.... and average Americans are overweight.

Maybe I need to log my food ONE week out of the month.... while trying to keep good habits for all of them.  I DO need to drop that 20 AGAIN....

So.... NO More MAYBEs..... I deserve to be a healthy weight!   And I begin again... TODAY.. to follow my own food rules.... and  will pledge to log my food THIS week.  Just this week.... and see how it goes..... because maybe, just maybe.... logging food isn't all that big a deal.


  1. ONWARD we go and we WILL do this! My scale is cooperating ( at least this week) and I know yours will as well!!!! you have no stress to lose for an 'occassion' so its 'just healthy eating' Right??? Be blessed in the journey Always! ♥

  2. still moving onward! thanks for the encouragement :-)