Thursday, July 3, 2014

Step 1 - Be Grateful

..A friend has asked me to ponder some things with her during the season of life (for her - and for me too, I suppose).  So I decided then to share her my response to her assignments with you... as I muse my way through them..

This sentiment grates at me a little.  (no pun intended.. might be a musing about 'grate' and 'grateful' someday :-)

Not that I do not feel gratitude!

I am a very lucky woman.... I have a nice house, plenty of food, usually can buy pretty much what we want.... I have several children and grandchildren who are healthy and successfully running their own lives...  I have a husband who has invested much of his life in me and thinks I am beautiful....  and I am lucky enough to have the time and space to think and wonder and ball myself up into knots :-)

And that is not even going into all the thinking about situations in other countries and extreme poverty and all the other truly horrible things that happen to other people every day!

I really am grateful!

But when I started the infamous gratitude journal.... every entry looked the same...

I am grateful for

my health

my family

my home



....and I suppose there is a beauty in the consistency of the things I am grateful for.. But the monotony - the sameness - bothers me.
I have a brain that gets bored.... and my life is in a season of anesthesia!  I am place holding.. not exactly sure why.. but it feels like I am marking time until I get the next breath of excitement or inspiration!

I am not grateful for boredom... EXCEPT that occasionally gems pop out of nowhere when you allow yourself boredom :-)

So... instead of gratitude, I have chosen a BEST THING journal.

Each evening, before I go to bed... I am choosing to ruminate about my day and pick ONE thing that was really good about it.

Something that made me smile... something that made me think... something that took my breath away.

And I have to spend my DAY paying attention or I might miss the ONE thing that should be in my journal..

I have to capture the JOY!


  1. I like it!!! usual your writing has sparked some of my own monotony and the sad fact that I to go through this life on most days not paying attention. Gratitude is a given for us, we know we are lucky and fortunate, much more than others. It is not unusual to be thankful for the same things day in and day out, because that's what we live through day in and day out, the same things. I am going to have to steal your BEST THING idea...I need this so I to will open my eyes and pay attention to each day, and maybe then I will see the many exciting facets that make up my day and not just the mundane.

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope it helps you :-)