Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who Am I?

"loving the you that you are, and letting go of the you that you are not"

Interesting statement a friend sent me this morning.....
      We met as I began a weight loss journey.  HIGH success, followed by the usual slide backwards.  I can claim that I kept some of the weight off - and have been trying to figure out how to KEEP that much off and maybe drop a little more.. but that is another story...

As we continue the journey - ostensibly for weight loss - we learn about ourselves.  We live our lives - day by day - figuring it out as we go along just like everyone else.

And a major lesson is - to love ourselves.

Again - another prevailing thought is that overweight people don't love themselves.  Not really sure about that.... yet again another story for another time.

But where this statement -  "loving the you that you are, and letting go of the you that you are not" - hits me is trying to decide what this means.

I do love me....

I just don't always make the best choices for myself

I have a long history of taking care of others

My life actually has been FILLED with others' needs for many years

And I sought more as I went along

And I loved it :-)

Yet now

maybe it is a fallow period

But I can not allow others' needs to drive me

And I avoid commitments until I can step inside myself and see how I really feel about things

My first reaction isn't always true.

(so if you ask me a question and I take a breath before responding - or say, I'll think about it - you know why and you will have to trust me)

I have learned that I am the only person I can rely on.

I don't know when I can let others back in - I am trying.  But I have to really trust me first - and it is there

that I am figuring out just exactly WHO I AM right now.

not - somebody's mother
        somebody's wife
        somebody's grandmother
        somebody's employee
       somebody's friend


just me


  1. This post brought me to tears, hits me on so many levels...I am so glad to be at least a little part of the spark that is bringing your writing back. I love myself to, just don't always like myself. The parts I don't like are from being careless with myself....Need to start being careful and gentle and loving with ME!!!

  2. aww.... thanks so much!! Glad it resonates with you!