Monday, June 4, 2012

Bread Adventures! Olive Fougasse and Fougasse Stuffed with Roast Red Pepper

Using Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day... at my own pace... I have learned how to make all kinds of bread over the last year!  What a great new skill - and fun to share...

As of this entry I am still baking different kinds of flatbread.  I didn't have much experience with flatbreads before (eating, not baking) but I am finding that they are a really nice accompaniment to a meal.  The thin crusty breads can be either soft or hard depending whether or not I am paying attention to the oven.... but are always good!

The olive fougasse was fun!  Made in a similar fashion as the olive loaf in an earlier entry, it is rolled out quite thin and then you get to make cuts in the dough....

You need to spread the bread out a bit so that the dough doesn't rise up and bake closed... 

My light brown crust tells you that I didn't get involved with something else while the bread was cooking!  Quite often I am running around doing something in another area of the house.... anyway my flatbreads were chewy today!

The Fougasse Stuffed with Roasted Red Peppers was a bit daunting for a while.  I really don't understand how to roast veggies.... I mean, I've read about it and have ALMOST gotten around to trying it... but it didn't happen this week..   I bought roasted red peppers in a jar... I guess it was cheating but here we go anyway...  For this pretty loaf, the dough is rolled flat, red peppers laid on one side and slits cut in the other side.

The side with the slits is folded over the peppers.  It looks like a streudel

But oh so yummy!  The red peppers baked in bread tastes like pizza.

I feel like my real goal is an edible loaf of bread... so an ENJOYABLE loaf of bread actually surpasses my expectations!  I am still tickled with my new skill and am grateful to the authors of Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day - Jeff Hertzberg & Zoe Francoise for bringing successful bread baking to a kitchen-challenged homemaker!

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