Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Healthy Habit 14 - Happiness Journal

Okay - I have been working on health and there are a lot of things I haven't really talked about - like water.... and chemicals.... and so on...

For this month though - I'd like to focus on my mind!

I have been so befuddled for months.... in a really BLAH space.... not exactly unhappy - but not happy either....  no energy.... not very positive.  The healthy habit idea was one to help pull me out of my slump - something to hang on to so that I would feel like I was making progress without stressing me unduly.  And it has worked....  A few weeks ago, I added fruit and vegetable smoothies to my arsenal of tricks and WOW!  I don't know if that was it - or my beach vacation - or if the cumulative effect of my new habits finally kicked in - but I do feel more energetic and am ready to do a little more.

I have decided to hire a virtual personal trainer.  I live far away from any gym or regular fitness opportunity - and discovered a new online club that will start next week.  It's not very expensive but I'm not advertising it :-)  I've done several things this year that have helped with the mental journey to better health - you've read about them:  specifically Hannah Keeley's Thrive in Five program ( - which I HIGHLY recommend to help you start the journey to better living.. and the Coach Yourself Thin book and webinar series by the gurus at - Greg Hottinger and Michael Scholtz.  Also pretty awesome - the webinar series was approximately $14/week for a 10 week series - but included personal coaching and, again, focused on the mental journey.  And, as someone who has gained and lost... and gained and lost.... I am prepared to come to terms - and PEACE - with my health and body this year!  Anyway - I finally feel like I have enough energy to face some daily motivation and pushing to get moving a little more - so am pleased to have found a solution that will work for me!

One more possibility that is free - is from Michele Connelly - the Get Organized Wizard.  She has an April Weight-Loss-a-thon... go to www.  for 30 daily missions that may help make it FUN to re-gain your focus :-)

But - for the mind!

A Happiness journal... not gratitude, per se.  I like the idea of a gratitude journal and have used it once before to pull me out of a deep depression.  It is a good tool.  But I AM grateful.... this time I want to smile.  I think that since many of the things that make me smile are family memories, my new journal will be a great thing to pass on to the family.... (unlike many of my GRIPING journals that I plan to BURN later this month :-).  So - things that make me smile.... memories, jokes, quotes, maybe even photos that I can print out and put in my book.  Not inspirational - FUNNY!

That is this week's habit - to begin work on my happiness journal.

And I don't even have to go buy a journal.... like many of you, I have a weakness for empty books and stationery and other goodies I haven't been able to use yet because I don't have the 'perfect' reason to mess up the pages.. LOL!!  Actually I even started a pencil / paper journal this year but couldn't keep it up.... I think I will use that one since it is already 'not perfect' and will make me smile!

So - how about you?  Want to join me and create a Happy-making masterpiece?

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