Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Still on God's Journey

What a journey this has been to get to my 5th annual Breast Cancer 3Day Walk!

 Last year, if you were following me, you’ll remember that I did the walk in Washington, DC.  I had planned another location and that didn’t quite work and ended up driving up to DC to save some travelling expenses. 

Last year was the first year I did the walk by myself!  My friends’ schedules did not permit them to join me – but I went anyway.  I met some fantastic people... some new friends who met me and my husband and drove me to the Opening Ceremony....  some new friends who helped me set up my tent (I ended up tenting alone too).... new friends who held my hand as I whined my way through the event.. (oh yes, I did!).. and a new friend who walked with me Sunday and helped me get all the way to the end on my own two feet!

To be honest, last year was a HORRIBLE experience for me.  It all started with the rain....  so it was HOT and MUGGY and POURING.... for 19 straight miles.  The rest stops were in lovely grassy fields (lovely if it were sunny :-)..... no opportunity to change into dry socks.... wearing glasses (that were alternately fogged or soaked).... the outdoor latrines...well... imagine a fanny pack with water bottles, a small backpack, a poncho and soaked sweaty clothes underneath it all... the gymnastics required to get the job done were daunting, to say the least.  At the end of the 19+ miles, I needed to collect my duffle (which had been sitting out in the rain – albeit on top of and underneath a tarp.. there wasn’t much anyone could do) and slog through the ankle deep mud in the camp to locate a tent and set it up.

I looked back and I am not sure I really said how much this affected me – oh yeah.... my cellphone died.  So I was really alone.... absolutely alone with the best, most supportive group of people anywhere!  BUT.... remember, I have been a mother for over 30 years.  My idea of solitude is STILL the opportunity to have 10 minutes alone in the bathroom.

Saturday, I was pretty sore (okay.. just think of the blisters from the wet socks.... not to mention the EXTRA leg/foot stress from navigating the mud).. so I didn’t walk much.  There are always a lot of people who are on the sweep vans or the buses from lunch to camp.... so we swapped stories.  I really did try to make the best of the experience because I am me and I know there is good in every situation.
I did it!!  You can't tell at this point but tears were rolling down my face.  This was one of the hardest BESTEST things I have ever done!

I did sign up for a walk in 2012.... because I had already committed to it.... but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t pretty tickled that a family life event came up as a conflict.  My walking buddy said.... let’s pick another location.... okay – I guess so.   But I dragged my feet a bit (I mean, SHE didn't walk last year and I did) ... and then ANOTHER family conflict.  (Inside my head.. YAY.. maybe God is letting me off the hook?      yeah, not so much!  I am still convinced more than ever that God has sent me on this journey.. I wrote about that last year  God Has Sent me on a Journey) 

Switch AGAIN to another  location... and then, once again, a roadblock.    Okay, I’m convinced.. and I don’t think I really want to do this anyway... while I have saved some of my own money this year, I haven’t truly asked anyone for donations.   So, phew.... I can give my tithe to somebody else and not put my body through this again.  I mean, I’m old, right? And I've done my part, right?   Why should I push that hard and end up hurting?

But then......  my friend calls again and says .... what about Philly?  We did Philly our first year but we didn’t tour anything.   I said.... but I haven’t trained.  She said – just be fit.... we’ll walk whatever you can.    I said... I want to see some sights this time.  She said – okay, I’ll take some time off and we’ll do that before the walk.  (I kind of feel a little bit like Jonah... no, No, NO, God, I don't want to go!)  Anyway, long story short.. she met my objections and I can’t gracefully NOT go.... so I guess, I have been spit up on the outskirts of Philadelphia.

The funny thing is that as soon as the decision was made.... much of my attitude cleared up.  The fog of unhappy depression I’ve been laboring under has lifted.  I have energy again.  I can’t decide if the event last year affected my spirit in a negative way (excuse me, I mean that I ALLOWED the experience to be a negative one) or if I placed MY decision back in God’s plan.  It was a growth experience.  And growth is uncomfortable... and the truth is that we NEED to keep stepping out of our comfort zones in order to stay alive.

The message I have in all of this is that life placed obstacles in my way.... but God never told me to quit.  God told me to walk.... and I guess if I want my life to keep on a happy track, I need to keep walking until God tells me not to!

If you feel led to help support me in this venture, you can send a donation to 

Or you can help me out for next year’s adventure.... I’ll tell you all about that one once I get back and can share the highlights of this year’s adventure!

Regardless, please say a little prayer for me as I stretch my wings a little farther than I am comfortable with and make a stand to cure breast cancer!  Thank you for standing with me!

Thanks :-)

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  1. :) Yup amazing how much better we feel when we quit trying to imitate Jonah....Thank goodness no living inside a fish for 3 what was a little mud??? ....LOL.

    Of course I am your Prayer support in all these trips and one day who knows may just join ya! We shall see!!!

    Philly or can do it and I can't wait to hear all about it!!!!