Sunday, December 1, 2013

Quilt Stories - Sunrise Rag Quilt 2013

I love rag quilts!

The quilt store where I decided to take lessons asks that beginning quilters start with a rag quilt.

And, while I have sewn most of my life - and had spent some time in the last couple of years piecing some tops....  I was teaching myself on the internet.. and had never formally taken a class. 

So... okay... I was IN!

First off was choosing the colors... and I found then - as I still find now, I am one who sees a print - and gets inspired that way.  And - the more color - the better....

A certain print caught my eye.... not my usual blue-green... it was a lovely hibiscus... in oranges and pink and yellow.  It really made me happy.

The instructor said I could choose up to 6 colors for the rag quilt pattern - and if you have followed me for any length of time at all - you know how many I chose.   

Yep... my print and 5 colors :-)

the colors reminded me of my oldest daughter..... maybe I'll give it to her one day :-)  When I'm tired of it....

The rag quilt turned out to be easy - and very beginner-friendly.
And I love it
and it's for me

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