Monday, December 30, 2013

Quilt Stories - Rag Quilt Pink Ribbon 2013

My second rag quilt was born from my dedication to the breast cancer cause.

I trained and walked in my first Komen 3 Day 60 mile walk in 2008.. and had a plan to get my friends who walked with me to sign squares that I would put together into a rag quilt.

I still think it is a great idea BUT the reality of slogging through 60 miles in an icy Philadelphia did not lend itself to being chummy and signing quilt squares!

My desire to have a pink rag quilt though did not leave me.

Next up was locating pink ribbon flannel (since I was taught to use flannel and I was not yet a flagrant rule breaker with quilting)

So I looked and I looked.  In stores and on-line.  Nope.

I found lots of pink flannel, of course.... but the pink RIBBON was not on flannel.

I did have some pink ribbon print in COTTON in my stash though and finally decided to use that

So now I became a renegade :-)

The rag quilt above is both flannel and cotton and seems to be holding up just fine.  It carries a lot of memories for me and reminds me of my own spirit and dedication.

I ended up (as of this writing) doing walks in 5 consecutive years. 

2008 - Philadelphia
2009 - Boston
2010 - Dallas
2011 - Washington, DC
and 2012 found me back in Philadelphia
and am registered to return in 2016 to walk in San Diego

If you are interested in what led me to these 60-mile walks, I did a post once on it

is my story

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