Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 62..... really?

It's hard for me to believe that it has been 11 days since I last wrote.    I can't believe that I am 62 days into my 60th year journey!

My main focus this year?  Look for the joy every day.

Every day.

And I can honestly say that I am.

Looking, that is.....  and mostly finding.  I am actively engaged in the hunt - so that is good.

I have spotted beautiful moonrises, low-flying eagles and hawks, and the joy of pups romping in the yard.  I have felt the accomplishment of tasks mastered, new skills attempted and making beauty from trash. 

There is a morning half moon peeking through my window right  now. 

I still feel thought that much of my life is waiting, watching.

I don't know for what :-)

But while i am waiting.....  I am cultivating better habits... one daily mile is stretching to 1.5, a cut vegetable afternoon snack is added to my daily salad, learning to cook with basics is replacing processed food.....  I am still on the constant wheel of self-improvement while I watch and prepare for the passion that I know is there.

I will be ready.

Discontented?  Not really.

It is winter.  I am wired for winter downtime.

I am not sure why we start new projects in winter.  After the holiday hullabaloo, we are tired people.  Isn't it better to rest and replenish and be ready for spring?

Spring..... when the sap rises, the blood flows quicker and the energy almost sizzles?

So my joy now is this.....
         I am seeing progress in areas I care about....
                 my relationship with my husband steadily grows stronger
                 my house is steadily (albeit slowly!) being decluttered and decorated
                 my habits are steadily growing to support a simpler, healthier life
                 I am planning for the future....

This is good.  Downtime is good.
         And a HUGE improvement over the last few years as I foggily muddled through the days!

This realization brings me joy!

Not the ecstatic wild blood-coursing joy..... but the steady trickle that will fuel my heart.

All is well.

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