Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 Top Ten Posts

Just for Fun!

A year in review!  I started this blog in February 2011.  It was (and still is) a personal attempt to follow through with goal-setting!  It has also become a venue for me to gain daily writing practice and skills... but also, I think a way to help other people!  That is indeed a blessing to me - to be able to help ANYbody while I help myself doing something I enjoy!

Anyway - I thought it might be fun to post the links of the 10 posts that received the most hits in this last year... in case my readers either missed them or are interested in a re-read!

#1   God Has Sent Me on a Journey
                 The story of participating in the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3Day Walks.  (I am already registered for the walk in Atlanta in Oct 2012 - if you feel led to grab a 2011 tax deduction - let me know & I'll send you the link!)

#2  100th Post
             Self-explanatory, I think!  I am close to #200 now :-)

#3  5 Years From Now
            This one is about thinking forward and creating the future you want!

#4  Bucket List... Do YOU Have One?
            The importance of dreams and goals

#5   Prepare Ye The Way!
            A reflective piece about Christmas preparation during Advent

#6  Starting Over.....Sort Of...
            This one is an evaluation and a bit of thinking after a one month hiatus from the blog.  I will try not to do this (the involuntary break) again!  I don't think I realized how many people were regular readers :-)

#7  What Will Your Holiday Season Look Like?
            How to make this emotionally difficult season work for YOU.

#8   Depression is my Friend
             How I deal with times (seasons) of depression in my life.

#9.  Dishcloth Challenge #11 - 15
             One of the crochet posts made the Top Ten :-)  I have been working on the dishcloths in Maggie Weldon's 365 Dishcloth Challenge this year.  The patterns are free until February 2012 so if you are interested, you need to check them out now   I plan to continue crocheting them (as well as doing other crafts) during 2012.

#10.  One Day at a Time
          How I go about turning a difficult day into a great day!

The Pages with the most views are  my 2011 Reading List....  , (which is self-explanatory but will soon be replaced with the 2012 list) followed closely by Kay's Life Rules , discoveries I choose to live by along the journey.

Thank you for reading my blog this year!  Hope you enjoyed the recap and keep traveling with me along the journey in 2012 :-)

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