Monday, May 4, 2015

29 Gifts.. Day 4... Plants?

So..... it was a day where I woke up knowing I was to give something away....  and I did.

Two plants almost 7 feet tall found a new home with a friend who runs a Bed and Breakfast nearby.

But I keep finding myself negating my gifts.

Does it count?
    I promised them to my friend a week or so ago but couldn't deliver them because I needed my husband's truck and trailer AND
         the rain and wind and my being at work made it too difficult to get them to her

  Until today.

  Somehow I want my giving to be larger
      to be significant
            to be more than
    Something I finally got around to

  What does it mean that I have so many things on my giving list that I need to make time for?

I will keep thinking about it - right now I think it means that I have a giving spirit (hence the ideas that keep germinating) but have fallen away from the execution of it.
Action is what is needed.

Intention followed through with action.

Yes.... I think that qualifies as a gift.

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