Monday, January 25, 2016

Quilt Stories - Sand Castle 2016

I am so excited for this to be my first FINISH of 2016!

Since I only started it last summer..... I think.....   Anyway... it is made from a panel print.... and I added Snail Trail blocks to look like waves... sort of.

And then a checkerboard border....

Another learning piece..... to measure my sides before adding a border.... to square up the checkerboard pieces..... and to plan out my machine quilting.

Something a little absurd about finishing this up in a snowstorm.... but I like it!

Quilting inside a printed panel is always problematic.. but I didn't thoroughly think through how I would quilt the rest of it.  Again, though, as with my piecing and color choosing.... as I gain experience with machine quilting, choosing how I quilt, section by section is still going to be fine as long as I begin in the middle.  My new go-to resource is Christa Watson's new book... Machine Quilting with Style...  can't say enough about this woman and her encouragement!

I spray basted this one to keep it in place.

My edges are a little ruffly but all in all, it makes me smile and I learned a lot [which, after all, is what I really ask of a project :-)]

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