Thursday, January 28, 2016


... or Gratitude

.... or paying attention...

On Facebook this morning, I played one of those silly games..... it was... "what is your most viewed photo?"  So... I bit... which one was it?

This one....

..taken one week ago with my little point and shoot camera which is literally held together by transparent tape.


And I don't even see well.  I can't use my phone camera because I can't see the options.   So.... a lucky shot.


and I reposted it so it will grow.

7500 views?  I don't have that many friends or followers, for sure.

So it must be a photo that resonates with others.

And I like that.

And yes, I am lucky that this view is from my deck.  Actually a truth is that I have no curtains so I can see it from my bed.


what view do YOU have?

I mean... I have lived with lots of people
in this house
and they don't see this view.

They go on about their lives.

I started shooting this view several years ago.
At sunrise.
Most mornings.

I SEE the view in front of me.  I have to see it in order to take the photo.

What view is in YOUR life that you watch every day?

What can you take a photo of so that you can see the changes?

BTW - just for fun..... just so you know (though if you are one of my followers, you already know this) ... I am NOT a photographer.  I really don't see well at all.  I have big thick lenses in my glasses.. and I have a wonderful specialist who has helped me continue to wear contact lens - sometimes..... and those with reading glasses :-)  

So it was indeed a lucky shot - one of hundreds I have taken and posted..... and there ya go..... another life lesson.  Consistency is a winning behavior.... just like gratitude and awareness....

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