Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Starting an exercise program.... again :-) Week 3

..Okay - it's been a busy week.... an excuse, I know.

I just can't bear to turn that stupid dvd player on again.

So, I am spending a little time reviewing what IS the problem!  It would be great to have fantastic abs.... and I did the work a few years ago so I KNOW it can happen.  I admit, it is a little frightening too.  Having spent the majority of my life feeling too fat to live, I - sad as it sounds - am comfortable with that feeling of self-loathing.  I may not WANT that feeling... but it seems to be my default position.  And I don't think I am alone - I think WAY too many of us have the exact same unwarranted feeling!

THAT is the real issue - the part that must be changed.  I think that if.... no, WHEN, I can change my attitude, the rest will follow.

So, I spent a few days whirling around in the brain storms (NOT brainstorm :-) that follow in the wake of my analyzing my own behaviors.... and have come up with a short term solution that I think I can live with...

Apparently I am starting WAY at the beginning of an exercise program because I feel incredibly sedentary.  While I have no problem wandering around the yard weeding... I can't seem to face 'official exercise' and I NEED  to exercise my HEART muscle, if nothing else!  And that is cardio - and, well, yuk.

My desire - my goal - is to build a healthy lifestyle.  That may or may not include 'official exercise' but MUST include some type of cardio.  While I ponder on that, I have made a very tiny commitment to myself.

Once upon a time, I counted the number of jumping jacks I could do in a minute - that is 40.   I have committed to doing sets of 40 during the day.  Just 40 jumping jacks.    Just 40..... that's about 20 more than was comfortable the first day... so I did my 40, patted myself on the back and went on with my day.

The next day I did 40 again.   I still didn't want to do them - but just 40 - just ONE minute... that's not too much to ask :-)

On Day 3, I managed to do it twice - once in the morning and once in the afternoon.  I am seeing a slight - oh, so slight - difference in my attitude.  I am not saying that what I am doing is enough - it clearly isn't... but anything is better than nothing... and babysteps will get me there.

Anyway - I will continue to think about the dvds I own.. and the exercise equipment... and work on getting up the moxie to use it again!  I am not sure why I am having such a struggle getting started - how about you?  Are you exercising consistently?  Is  life getting in your way or have you hit your stride and figured out a method that works for you?

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