Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WIP Jan 6, 2016

Since I had promised myself not to start anything until after the new year began....  I'm still using up cotton yarn in dishcloths....

I think I've made about 45 and given away 30 or so in my Christmas wanderings...  but I still have a couple of cones of thread.  I can envision myself getting bored with one color soon :-)

and the littlest leftover bits have gone into makeup pads

I've quilted some on my sandcastle quilt (should be done in a week or so... my first 'finish' of the year)

I've done some cutting and pinning on several things
- on the rainbow scrap blocks I started last year
-  on an easy strip quilt that will use a jelly roll I already have and some green 2.5 strips (new project)
- on collecting 2.5 WOF strips (from my stash) for a quilt for a March birthday
- on my Advanced Virginia sampler class (there are 2 blocks I haven't done yet)
- on the Aurifil mini blocks from last year (I'm on July)
- on assembling completed blocks from one of my churn dash quilts
- on locating and preparing the border pieces from my El's Kitchen quilt (2013 class)
- starting work on one of 3-4 applique kits in my possession.
- prepping fabric to make hanging sleeves on the wall hanging quilts I am working on
- and a birthday pillowcase

and I've allowed myself to work on the Shenandoah album project.  This is a reproduction of a vintage quilt offered as a fundraiser for the Virginia quilt museum.  I had planned on doing more handwork this year.. and this is already a challenge!  It's a quilt-along and I am joining in on the 4th block pattern.  I have had to enlarge the blocks... which meant that I had to cut and tape sheets from my printer to get the proper size...  and I am tracing the pattern onto freezer paper to help me with my applique shapes.   More details later as I move along (or ask me questions and I will share now!).  I am under no illusion that I will catch up or keep up on this project!

Oh  and I also did a little stitching on my hexie flowers...

I love doing this WIP post.. because I often feel like I don't get much done.... but I guess I did!

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