Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pantry Challenge Jan 2016

Have you ever done a pantry challenge?

I find that January is a particularly good month to do one....

There is so much food left from the holidays... it's a great time to clean it out!  

Not just the pantry... the freezer, the fridge.. everywhere you have stashes of consumable foodstuffs.

The object is to save some money by USING what you have instead of buying what's handy... or on sale... or grabs your fancy...

This practice not only saves money - but it stretches your creativity and helps a bit with discipline, organization and even health.  Curbing the impulse spending is a great practice - sometimes!

So today I begin (because we have a lot of leftovers from yesterday's ham and hoppin john)  And a freezer full from the summer still...

I will gather and identify the refrigerated condiments which must be used.  And then the research begins :-)  As you know, I am not a natural cook, so I will come here to Mr. Google and see what I can do with the odd bit in the BBQ sauce bottle (or whatever)

Tonight is a stir fry - rice from yesterday, tofu from a month or so ago that I haven't figured out how to use, and stir fry veggies from the freezer... (and prob some of yesterday's kale saute in there too!)

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