Wednesday, January 13, 2016

WIP Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

I skipped last week due to the fullness of life!

I am lucky.. my life is full....

my youngest had a 21st birthday last week - and one of my daughters is imminently due with her second child (my 6th grandchild!)

So my brain is whirling with the joys of life :-)


I craft on :-)

Scraps and getting back on planned projects has been the order of the last week!

Back to the scrap projects I started last January - several different projects - 3 each in several colorways....  (which will seem like random blocks until I finish my thoughts and do something with them!)

- bought some of the background fabric for the Shenandoah quilt-along and have prepared one block for stitching

- started prepping the fabric for the quilts I need finished for birthday presents for March and April

- working a bit on the last two Advanced Virginia blocks

- started the stitching on one of the Aurifil 2015 block of the month minis - I think I'm on May or June.

- stitched on the Dublin quilt strips (I need about 200 3-block strips of random greens)

- one little hexie flower and a good bit of prep work so I can keep going

- and am working on assembling one of the churn dash quilts I pieced last year.
It's big but I like it with no border so will make another row to widen it.... also another set of blocks for the second one I still need to assemble... so that is next in the piecing pile.. .more churn dash blocks!

So..... scraps, ongoing projects, handwork, assembly and new starts

For crochet -

one more dishcloth... and I'm done with these for a bit I think.... unless I go somewhere and have to grab 'n'go  (all I need is a hook and the yarn)

and started in the 'use up' mode again with some of my yarn...... lapghans for the VA hospital.

Whew!  More than I thought!  BUT I hope to wind up most of the stitching projects... and am ready with handwork for when I go to watch my grandson for a few days!

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  1. You've been busy busy busy! I love your churn dash quilt! Those colors are great. They make me think of a tropical summer day!!