Friday, July 4, 2014

Step 2 - Priorities

Today's assignment is to list the priorities of my life.  And then rank them.

NOT the things I spend my time on.... but my actual priorities.

Financial Security

Geez..... minimum 5 - maximum 10.. and I can't even get past 5

But this list kind of looks like my list from New Years - the things I wanted to spend some daily time on to build good habits (and thus build a happy life for myself)

One thing to simplify my life
One thing to improve my healthy movement
One thing to improve my healthy eating
One thing to improve my finances
One thing to make me smile
One thing to connect with others

Seems like I was on the right track...


have apparently identified the key to some of my restless rootlessness..


I no longer have a sense of purpose.  My purpose has always been to serve and take care of others... and perhaps it will be again...

But for now.... I think I will rest in my solitude and once again trust the journey

I think perhaps that figuring out WHO I AM - in relation to only me - is my true purpose at the moment

And, though it seems selfish to spend my time creating quilts

and learning calligraphy

and reading books

perhaps that is where I need to be right now.

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