Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Moving Along....

So yet again, I've been lax in keeping up with my blog....  still working on a focus - but perhaps the search for a focus is the point :-)

Since I last wrote, we traveled a bit.. to the Outer Banks for one of our usual treks.... and to St Louis for a business trip.

I've kept up with crafting.... just finished a quilt that I can't reveal yet because it's a gift.  I'll give it this weekend so I can share then.   I'm WAY behind on the quilt-alongs because I spent almost 2 weeks simply quilting on this quilt!  But I have faithfully printed out instructions and cut fabric so I can jump in and go... maybe tonight!

I've also kept up with photos of what I've done so I can begin to share that along the way as it fits.  

I have a bit more traveling in the next couple of months... a stint at the beach again in May.... and then Ireland (WOO-HOO!) in June.

But here we go..... things will have to shift a bit..... for the season.... canning and yardwork is beginning.... and for family... I've been asked to help with the grands over the summer.  So sewing will have to slow down....  I'm beginning to choose which to pack away and which to continue.... And that itself will neaten up my crafting space.

My focus is also changing up.... I have decided to walk in the Komen 3 Day again this year.  It will be my 6th walk with my partner in Pittsburgh.... and we are traveling to Michigan in August to do this.  I will need to focus on raising money - $2300 - and training so that I am physically able to keep up.

Financially we are sucking in the belt hard here at home so that we can enjoy our trips.  I will try to keep you posted along the way.  I miss writing... sometimes it's just hard....

Mostly my life looks like quilting and fighting to keep the cats off the quilts...... 

cleaning veggies and preserving them [though I was asked to sell some of them at a local farmers market... and since I do it for fun and my husband doesn't eat any jams or pickles.... my basement is starting to look like a doomsday prepper's larder.. it's not a bad idea :-)]

... like cleaning out stuff because we have too much clutter and getting my house in some kind of manageable order...

and like running, running, running.... busy all the time....

I'll try to do better...  

Have a good week! 

I'll be back in a day or so with the Quilt Stories for 2016!

It's a busy year... and I am still working hard to get back that energy to make my life the way I want it.

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