Friday, April 29, 2016

Quilt Stories Spooky 2016

One of the goals I set for myself this year is to make and finish quilts for my children and - as I figure it out - their significant others.

It just so happens that this occurred to me as the first birthday in the year rolled past.... so he will have to wait :-)  But his fiancee had the next birthday so I put my thinking cap on!  She loves Halloween so I decided a quick jelly roll race design with as many weird fabrics as I could find would fit the bill.

I found a couple of jelly rolls in black / white / lime / purple & orange [NOT Halloween per se] and went shopping for a yard each of anything I could find.   I pulled from my stash too - but managed to come up with a large assortment of sparkles and glow in the dark and skeletons and ghosts..... everything you need for a kooky crazy SPOOKY quilt.

I had a little help putting it together.....

And found a lovely deep purple for the backing...

It worked up quickly and I think it turned out nicely!  I made a coordinating pillowcase - deep purple with little black cats that have glowing eyes :-)

For a 2016 start AND finish.... it made me smile!

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