Friday, May 22, 2015

29 Gifts... Day 22... a beach weekend

so... you know I'm at the beach, right?

well.. my daughter and granddaughter are coming down to join my husband and me for a little vacation.

Not really hard since the condo has another bedroom.

We will have fun together!

But my daughter has a 4 day weekend... and had forgotten that our week is over Saturday morning... so pretty much she will get here Thursday night and have to leave Saturday.

Well.... here is what happened today:

The air-conditioning went out in our unit and I went to the office to tell them and get a repair person out.

As I walked in, I heard her on the phone with someone talking about a vacancy.... and I heard enough to understand that there is a small unit on premises that they lease out by the night.


when she got off the phone, I asked the question.... is there any chance that you have a vacancy this upcoming weekend?

 [of COURSE I already KNEW there couldn't be because it is Memorial Day weekend at the beach in an oceanfront complex!]

But... guess!

Yes.... in fact this particular small one bedroom unit is available Saturday and Sunday night for a price LESS than one night in an inexpensive hotel.

So I booked it.

I may or may not stay with them.... my husband certainly will head back home.

But it makes me smile that I could share a 4 day beach weekend with them :-)

I must say that my focus on the giving project is making me much more attuned to my environment...... and more willing to speak up and ask.

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