Saturday, May 23, 2015

29 Gifts.... Day 23.. Money

Planning a party is not my gift

at all

I used to love to throw parties

but have been surrounded for too long by people who either

a) hate parties


b) have such high expectations that I lose confidence

I mean - to me

a party is simply a chance to get together

coffee.... lunch..... friendship

That's it - so I don't appreciate the stress of providing the perfect appetizer or party favor.  My standards are very low.  More people = more food..  that's it.

Anyway - a friend is throwing a shower for another friend.  And it is a big stressor for her.  I offered to help

BUT I'm not stressing over a cupcake.

It isn't happening.  I'm not going to get caught up in it.

So I already know that whatever I cook or make or whatever... will not stand up to Pinterest expectations... so I'm not going there.

I decided that the best thing for me to give is TIME (I will be the worker bee on the day of the shower)

and MONEY.

X dollars (over what I already said I'd buy).

I told her I hadn't reached my budget number yet... so I sent her the difference.

In a check.

So she can do what she needs to do to feel that she did it right.
And I will be there early the day of... to do whatever she needs to have done.

(I'm helping my friends even though I do not (choose not to) understand the issue)

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