Monday, May 25, 2015

29 Gifts.... Day 25... a life

Oh my goodness....

here at the beach this weekend

I am reminded why I really like to come off season!

Drivers in such a hurry to get wherever they are going

that traffic is heavy....  not yet at the standstill it will reach later.

A woman in a van makes a right hand turn into my lane

never even seeing me

I am grateful for both of us that I see her and back off.

I probably could have pushed my way forward and made myself visible to her - asserting my rights.... but I don't.

And she never even sees me.

Her life might have been spared because I paid attention and gave way.


It makes me wonder how many times my life and times have been spared simply because someone else noticed me and stayed out of the way.

I am grateful for those times I don't know about where I was spared.

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