Monday, May 2, 2016

Quilt Stories - Toy Box 2016

My Toy Box is another of the quilts I first started with in 2008.  What is so fun about these ancient WIPs is that I was absolutely fearless :-)  I had no idea what I did not know - and I didn't care :-)

I started this project with fabrics in my stash leftover from who knows what - probably sewing clothing when my girls were little :-)  I remember buying a fat quarter or two - which was still a novelty :-)... but specifically I didn't have anything to serve as tires for the truck and wood for the toy box :-)

I got the idea and pattern from Claudia's Quilt shoppe.  It was free at the time but you can buy it now using this link.  I thought it would make a great grandchild quilt when I ever got any (tee-hee... 7 years and 6 grandchildren later :-) ... and I think it's MY quilt now :-)

I did as much as I could... but put it away with all the other projects somewhere in 2010.... and pulled it out again in 2014 and finished the blocks

In 2015 I chose sashing fabric and put it together.....  I had it sandwiched by year end..  and quilted and finished it in January 2016.

I'm still not thrilled with the colors.. but it looks a LOT better embellished with a few buttons and a little embroidery.... and all quilted.

For the quilting, I just used a natural color thread and quilted diagonal lines.  It's a lot of quilting but I really like the way it turned out!

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