Sunday, October 23, 2016

Quilt Stories - Droid 2016

Oh, this one was such an adventure!!

In my quest to gift a quilt to each of my kids this year, I've been trying to figure out which direction to go in for each one..... which kid.... which quilt.... you know...

I have a child with an April birthday who is a Star Wars fan.... and there is a new movie out...

And this came across my radar.... a Droid Quilt Along hosted by Pam Cobb  from the Stitch TV Show. 

So now the pieces have come together and I have a child, a theme and a pattern..... a direction in which to move!

I found the quilt to be a challenge spatially.  The directions were clear.... with good photos.  But I found that I was surprised as each one came out the way it was supposed to.  Somehow I had trouble envisioning them as they came along.

There was a lot of twisting and turning and laying them out carefully as I went along.  I definitely had to use my seam ripper quite a bit as I went along.

And with the final assembly I noticed I had made one of the blocks absolutely backwards.  And decided there was no way.... NO WAY... I was going to do it over!  (But if I make the quilt again, I will do it correctly :-)

The next part - which I enjoyed much more than I thought I would - was the quilting.  There is a LOT of quilting in this quilt!  But I think it goes with the design really well, don't you?

Trying to get a photograph was a challenge!  With the bright sun and my little helper, Trouble....  and a deadline.  My son was actually driving home on this day and I wanted to make sure I had the quilt documented!

And there you are... Voila!    Droid 2016

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