Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quilt Stories - English Sampler 2016

Okay so this one is another of the trio of UGLY tops I made long ago.

Back before I ever took a class..... back when I was using online resources to teach myself to quilt ...  I was pulling blue and green fabric from my stash...

One of my favorite resources was the Block of the Month from the Florida Cabin Fever Quilt Guild     At the time, they posted monthly Block of the Month designs for members and non-members alike.  I began my quilting journey working from their pages!

I pulled pinks and blues and greens from my stash.  Now you have to understand, I did not have a 'quilting' stash of fabric.... I had a CLOTHING stash.... with very different fabrics!  I did know enough to weed out knits, and heavy duty fabrics like corduroy... but I have a good assortment of lightweight fabrics here... cotton, of course, but also broadcloth, gingham, seersucker.... it's definitely a combo!

And the colors were chosen from the prints I used in the different blocks.  I can honestly say that I used what I had.. so aside from batting and muslin backing, it cost me nothing but time.

And it's not bad :-)  Definitely not a fave... but a finish!  And it brings back many memories of learning and dreaming...

and it's perfect for a picnic!

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