Saturday, January 14, 2017

Food in Jars Mastery Challenge

Oohhh... a new project!

January brings me doldrums...... it's a fallow time of year when it takes all my energy to get out of bed in the morning...   My world feels gray.  Most of the time....

But one of the things that always perks me up is learning new things..... provided it catches my interest :-)

I haven't done any canning in a few months - so maybe that is why the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge grabbed me this year.

And January's challenge is marmalade.  Which I have never made.  So there ya go...

The other months - some I am familiar with, some I am not... so a good mix.. and the challenge author / sponsor will have instructions for me.  I'm kind of excited.... so watch and wait and see what happens.   

I included the month's listings below..... some I have absolutely no clue... so this should be entertaining!

Calendar of Preserving Skills
January – Marmalade
February – Salt Preserving
March – Jelly
April – Quick Pickles
May – Cold Pack Preserving
June – Jam
July – Hot Pack Preserving
August – Low Temperature Pasteurization
September – Fruit Butter
October – Drying and Dehydration OR Pressure Canning
November – Fermentation
December – Fruit Pastes

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