Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Healthy Habit #11 - Dairy

..or maybe I should say - a calcium-rich food.  I am mixed on dairy itself simply because of the processing and allergy issues in the industry... not that it's bad for you.  Remember, I'm no expert... just a person like you trying to be healthy! 

There are experts on all sides of the fence about how you should get your calcium.... but most agree that we need some!  Bone health is a major issue, especially as we age.

You can look online to find out how much calcium you need and all those details if you want them.  Here, I just want to say that if you focus on the habit of adding ONE serving of calcium-rich food to your diet.... it's a good bet that you are eating healthier and will add more without thinking about it.

So what can you add?

* a glass of milk

* a cup of dark leafy greens

* a container of yogurt

* a slice of cheese

* a glass of calcium-fortified orange juice

These are just a few ideas - I am sure you can come up with many more.

As for me.... my ultimate goal is to remove processed foods from my diet. 

I typically choose a yogurt (I prefer Greek with honey) and I add berries to it.   Or I go for the greens in salads and smoothies.  Or I add almond milk to my night time dessert smoothie.

It's easy.... make sure you add calcium to your daily diet.

*** I don't know about you but I am starting to forget some of my habits.  Some are engrained now and some are still hard to remember.  I am going to set up some kind of a checklist soon so I can keep track!

Let me know how you are doing :-)

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