Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Starting from Behind....

Yep - that is this week!

Behind in blog writing, housework, goal setting & evaluating... you name it!  I was behind BEFORE....

I had a slight headache when I went to bed Sunday night.... but was too tired to locate the ibuprofen (which has a home - but my hubby has had it attached to wherever he happens to be lately since he hurt his knee).. so I went to bed.

Well.. the headache only escalated as I moved in and out of sleep in different positions trying to minimize the pain.... and I had a terrific case of nausea by the time I gave it up at 4am.... at any rate, it was almost 1:30 in the afternoon by the time I finally began to normalize.... so Monday was pretty much a wash.  I got a few things done - but my brain was on vacation...

So here is what my week looks like now (in lieu of my goal sheet)......  today I need to drive to town to find a birthday present for my granddaughter (birthday is next week but a late scheduling of a birthday party means I need the gift for this weekend AND I have an out-of-town conference so I will miss it.. boo!) AND I need to go by the church to spend a little time hunting for the things I need for a drama - next practice is coming on Sunday.  I had hoped to have today to pack because I have to go in again tomorrow.... so I did give packing a thought or two yesterday but no energy to pull out the suitcases..  Also need to take today calmly because of the after-effects of whatever broke my system down yesterday!

Tomorrow is my son's Algebra & martial arts classes... any errands left over will happen then (food shop for the trip is most important)

In between I need to write out church birthday cards for the week & mail, blanche & freeze extra smoothie produce I bought last week, bake bread for the trip (potato bread for the men to share as well while I am gone), make sure I am reasonably caught up on laundry, bills, etc., and whatever else comes along that can't wait until I get back Saturday night.  And, maybe schedule a movie night with my guy.... though I did sneak one in on Sunday night so it's all good!

Anyway.... off to the conference by 7am Thursday morning and who knows what then....  I will not have my laptop - only a tablet so I am not sure if I will get a chance to write to you over the weekend!

Hopefully I will snag a few minutes during the conference to evaluate my February goals and maybe set up new ones for April - use March to get myself up to speed!

Healthy habit report!
    weight is down a cumulative 7.2 pounds since the first of the year... and I forget the inches - will give them to you next week. 

The habit for the week is portion control - fist is approximately 1 cup and your handful is approximately 1/2 cup.... look at your food and guess-timate what you are eating.  More on this in my Wednesday post.  Practice your other healthy habits this week too so you can be BUILDing health..... you WILL lose weight as you go along... and if you are BUILDing new habits - you won't LOSE momentum.. so it will be a SLOW but permanent loss.

Hopefully your week will proceed at a more sedate (intelligent?) pace than mine will... I wish you all the best - and talk to you soon :-)

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