Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crochet Post! Dishcloths #223-226 and 227-230

      This past week I've been working on dishcloths (trying to get ahead a little!) and on sweaters for my grandgirls.  I found a fairly easy pattern online for cardigans for them and will share when I finish them!  I also will be making a few toys for them for their Easter surprises so that will be my focus for this week!

One thing I do have to say about the dishcloths... even the ones that I tell you I did not enjoy finishing... I AM enjoying trying different techniques and ideas.  For me, this project is a little bit like an online tutorial... a self-taught class trying new crochet patterns.  And THAT is fun :-)  I still don't know what I will do when I post #365...... maybe put away my hooks and do the same thing to get into my quilting projects and use up fabric!

Dishcloths #223 - #226 from the August 2011 archives of Maggie Weldon's www.bestfreecrochet.com

#223 Wheel Within Crochet Dishcloth - pictured below on the bottom left.  I apologize for the lighting in these photos.. my dining room tablecloth didn't help much this time!  This is a pretty cloth done in triple crochet and double crochet clusters.  It worked up quickly - the instructions were clear... it's one of those that would be a pretty gift.

#224  Autumn Leaf Crochet Dishcloth - pictured on the bottom right.  This cloth is modeled after one of my favorite quilt patterns.  I chose to put the leaf color - a variegated fall-like combination of browns and rust - on a pale blue background that reminds me of a clear sunny autumn day.  This one had a bit of sewing since it is made up of granny squares but I had fun dreaming over what a quilt would look like.  I may just have to go through my yarn scraps and make an afghan with this pattern!  I can see bold orange, burgundy, brown, yellow leaves on an ice blue background :-)

#225 - Lacy Square Crochet Dishcloth  This one will be a good scrubber, that's for sure!  After my dreaming over the autumn leaves, I'm afraid I wasn't so enthusiastic for this cloth!  And I couldn't get it to lie flat to save my life.... Not a fave - and not a repeat.

#226 - Burgundy Dress Crochet Dishcloth - Now this one is just fun!  I am not sure how it will function as a dishcloth, but it was fun to do and reminded me of a good friend.  The doll dress idea is cute!  My granddaughters might enjoy them for bath washcloths :-)

The next four dishcloths #227 - #230 from the August 2011 archives of Maggie Weldon's www.bestfreecrochet.com are pictured in the photo below:

#227 Tumbling Blocks Crochet Dishcloth - pictured below on the bottom left.  Despite my definite bias toward quilting patterns, I did not enjoy making this cloth.  I found the pattern to be cumbersome and am not convinced that the final product is worth repeating!  But I'm glad I made it :-)

#228 - Summer Fan Crochet Dishcloth - I bet you can find this one!  I had fun doing this and it is definitely a scrap 'user-upper'!  Easy and quick to do, I will definitely add this to my pile of repeat cloths...

#229 Cottage Block Crochet Dishcloth - pictured above on the upper right.  My photo doesn't do this one justice.  It's really pretty AND sturdy.  The center section has a crochet pattern in it that you can't see because of my color choice.  This is another one that would make a pretty afghan, I think.

#230  Holy, Wholly, Holey Crochet Dishcloth - on the bottom right.  Lacy and pretty but definitely one of a kind.  I found the pattern hard to understand and a pain to concentrate on. 

Have fun crafting!

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