Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quilt Stories - Monster Quilt 2013

I love the rag quilts but have been trying to learn how to make regular quilts.  I took a basics class and have been working on finishing up that one (another post!)  

But also over the last few years I've been trying to teach myself with the internet.  One of my favorite resources is

Amy Smart has a ton of tutorials and really helped this beginner quilter get MOVING!   This tutorial -
- was one of the ones that got me going.  I made the table runner myself last year for Halloween: 

Also made a summer one - an they were EASY!  An a super first or second quilting experience :-)  I do like no-fail projects!

But I wondered if I could do a small actual quilt with this method.  I gauged yardage as to what size looked "right" for a crib quilt.  Fabric is typically sold from bolts and is usually 42-44 inches wide and sold in yards (36-inches) 

I chose a popular monster fabric for my grandson since he was having a monster-themed birthday party and decided to try to make a quilt.  I bought 2 yards - thinking that 1-1/2 yards would work for the backing and I would do  stripes on the front with the other half yard and coordinates. 

Mistake! ... need to work on MATH.  My stripes are 3 inches wide... a half yard (18-inches) only gives me 6 stripes... nowhere near enough for what I wanted!
Of COURSE, by the time I figured all this out... I was well into construction and the monster fabric was no longer available!  [Etsy saved the day - I found ONE yard at a premium price but I had to have it so I bought it!]

But my premise worked!  I did make a crib quilt using the table runner method :-)

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