Tuesday, November 6, 2012

21 Days - Day 4 Slow Down!

Love this - the first line in the reading says:  "Was it hard to choose a new habit to work on yesterday?"

I almost spit coffee into my keyboard.... and you will too if you kept up with my mental meanderings over the course of the day...  I have to say - I do enjoy playing around with my posts all day... posting and changing and posting and changing...

I am happy to report that my quilt is moving along... with the help (interference?) of some of my furry friends..
Here we have Dixie - a stray that is staying with us until we can find her original or a new 'forever home'.... she's tough!  Adorable and apparently determined to find her place with us, we don't have much experience finding new homes for pets.. but we are trying!  But I digress......

The lighting for working on quilting the dark fabric is solved mostly because I worked in a different room for reasons OTHER than the quilt :-)  I chose the room with the television option I was interested in.... and it has better lighting.

Back to Day 4 message......  it's one I really harped on at the beginning of the year - remember when I started the Healthy Habit thread??  Change just a little at a time.. and make it permanent.

The best way to FAIL is to set up elaborate new schemes and jump in with both feet.  TOO MUCH CHANGE.... TOO FAST!

So..... given the choice... WHY NOT set yourself up for SUCCESS?

Today's assignment:
   1.  Make a list ( I LOVE making lists :-) of all the habits you'd like to create or change.  Just make a list as you go through your day noticing things.  (Funny how this project is making me take a long look at my current behavior... NOT a good / bad judgment.... just a long look at what serves me and what does not)

      ** why the list?  When you feel that your current little habits (for me, spritzing the bathroom mirror daily AND 15 minutes on the exercise bike) are regular parts of your routine.... you can choose another one to work on.

2.  Prioritize the TOP 3 of your list and think of all the positive benefits of changing those. (But don't worry about changing them yet :-)

3.  Do Step 4 of my quilt project.

  Will be back later with my recap.... it's another busy day away from the house so I will have to get those habits handled early!



  You are not going to believe this....   I DID do the habits and the quilt..... I DID NOT get to the lists!  Wow!  That's a first for me :-)  I will keep that in my notebook (did you guess that I print out each day's readings, put them in a notebook and make notes on them as I go along through my day?) and KEEP MOVING!

I did find that I couldn't remember what day of the challenge I was on when I was talking to my husband... but I DID remember what I needed to do on my quilt so I guess it's all good :-)


  1. You have a notebook for your LISTS?? ....Lady you need to come get me organized!!! LOL... ;)

  2. You are so funny - I have a 3 ring binder where I put the readings so I can glance at them... write on them as I go about my day. I haven't even FOUND the hole punch so I can be organized. When I don't have a designated binder.. I jot on whatever pieces of paper are handy. (Actually there is a napkin in the binder because I haven't moved the info yet!) My life is filled with little slips of paper that MIGHT have something worthwhile on them...